Triben creates thought provoking edgy, dramatic films. Triben’s genres encompass various socio/psychological dramatic material and addresses current issues while also developing fast-paced action/adventure, graphic novels, dramadies, fantasy/sci-fi stories and hip, intelligent, witty comedies with the desire to entertain a wide range of audiences.


Triben’s marketing and publicity strategy is structured to achieving reorganization in the film/media/entertainment community. Its excusive leadership is dedicated to producing profitable financial returns on investment via the multi-platform stream through which Triben disseminates its film/television ventures and all its ancillary products.


Triben’s team ventures to establish itself as a leader in film making creativity and ingenuity. The company has a commitment and focus on producing sought after projects, which are coming to fruition, and in various stages of development.


Establishing itself as a company with a proven track record in producing projects which are well received by its target markets; Triben opens windows of opportunity to potential investors and other funding partners, who partner with Triben in its present and future film endeavors.